“Your Team did a remarkable job presenting the vision of the future of the Arts District and the environment you are creating at One Arts Plaza.
Your project literally moved from third place to first place as a result of
your presentation efforts.”

Randy Cooper

One Arts Plaza
499,371 SF | 24 Story Building
Dallas Arts District

Owner/Developer: The Billingsley Company

T.D. Briggs, Peloton
Joel Pustmueller, Peloton
Barbara Houlihan, Peloton
Challenge   Strategy   Results
  • Lease under-construction project in new, unproven Arts District location
  • Overcome unfamiliar mixed-use development
  • Promote location with vision of future Arts District venues
  • Utilize marketing center and graphic media to sell future amenity base
  • Leased to 95% at time of opening
  • 15 year lease with Thompson & Knight for 172,000 sf
  Dallas | 901 Main Street | Suite 4200 | Dallas, Texas 75202 | 214.220.0600
Fort Worth | 5500 N. Beach Street | Fort Worth, Texas 76137 | 817.806.4400